A range of ladders, for trade and industrial use, certified to EN131 or BS2037

EN131 Trade use (150Kg loading) applicable throught Europe including the UK

BS2037 Industrial (175Kg static loading) for UK use, ideal for factories, production, warehouses etc

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  • Combination ladders

    Combination ladder, can be used as a push up ladder, step ladder, or garden ladder

    Certified to EN131, 150Kg light trade use

  • Trade Push Up Ladders

    Trade ladders, single section and push up ladders

    Conforming to EN131 (150Kg)

    From UK brand leaders

    Designed for regular professional use

  • Industrial aluminium...

    A range of Industrial aluminium ladders from

    Ramsay, Lyte, Zarges, Youngman, Wernerco, Abru, Titan

    Certified to BS2037, 175Kg for industrial, commercial and trade use

  • Bespoke and custom...

    FREE delivery on this item (typically within 14 working days)

    Made to order on your specifications (within reason) in wood and aluminium

    We have some standard products in this section or we can produce a ladder based on your

    drawing / sketch, we can make bunk bed ladders, library ladedrs, shelf ladders, lorry hop-up ladders etc


    Please note that we can quote or take orders for custom ladders

    over the telephone and, they are made on demand and non returnable

    Delivery is typically 10 / 12 working days from payment



  • Roof Ladders

    Roof Ladders in aluminium for trade and industrial use

    Single section, and double extending models

  • Window Cleaners Ladders

    A range of ladders designed for use by professional cleaners

    A frame and straight sided ladders in wood or aluminium

    Please note that these items are bespoke products, bought in “on demand” and as such is non returnable, please carefully check that this meets your requirements

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Showing 1 - 20 of 38 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 38 items